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To date, the group has three recordings. The first two were compilations of Slovenian folk songs. The latest, Laudate Dominum (Praise the Lord) is a CD of sacred and classical selections in Slovenian, English and Latin. Several selections are accompanied by a string quartet or piano.


Mi Smo Mi
To help mark the groups’s fifth anniversary, “FANTJE NA VASI” has made its first album. On it the young men display their enjoyment of singing songs which echoed through the villages of Slovenia. On it, they give a performance of love of their Slovenian Culture, of the Slovenian people.


Iz Srca (From the Heart)
The phrase "From the Heart" added to a message to intensify the sincerity of the feeling expressed. Fantje Na Vasi prepared this recording of Slovenian songs from a deep regard for their heritage and a genuine affection for those who taught it to them. The group offers this collection to you with the hope that you will enjoy it and share the love of Slovenian singing - from the heart.


Laudate Dominum ~ Praise the Lord
Fantje Na Vasi prepared this recording of selections of Sacred and Classical songs. These selections are recorded in Slovenian, English and Latin.




Fantje Na Vasi sing at the Breen Center for the Performing Arts in Cleveland, Ohio. See a video excerpt







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